About me

I saw the light of the day … correction, the light of bulbs in the delivery room, on the evening of December 5th, 1970. I was named after the Saint Nicholas, celebrated the next day, on December 6th. Believe me, it’s as cool as you can imagine having a reason for party 48 hours in a row. I am grateful to my parents for this.

Married, two kids (in a manner of speaking; they are taller than me now), writing software code for a living.

Living in Braşov, a wonderful touristic city in  Transylvania, 20 kilometres away from Dracula’s castle.

Why I started this blog? Because I support and accept the world we live in, but I enjoy the worlds imagined by sci-fi writers.

When I get back from these worlds, the sleepy phantasms that dwell in my mind get awake. One by one, I am taming them by writing down their stories. For the delight of some and the desperation of others.